By Bean
Never forget Surprise Guy, he died for us all. Fanart done by Ben "Bean" Fleuter who does the amazing comic Derelict
By Elliwiny
Charlotte looking snazzy as ever in art done by Elli who does Opportunities
By IVstudios
Awesome fanart by good old chum IVstudios. He does a fantastic comic called Inhumation
By Mercury Hat
The Cinnamon appreciation station continues, this time done by Mercury Hat the author of On The Shoulders of Giants and Altered Frontier
By Orange
The beautiful Cinnamon done by Orange the artist of Space Junk Arlia
By Spriteville
By Spriteville!

Art by Me!

By Keon
This is one of the images I did in a livedraw that help towards bringing back Angry D. Monkey.
By Keon
More "promo" art I did before this new series begun. What is planet Ton? Nobody knows...or well I do probably.
By Keon
Last of the "promo" art. This was me just remembering all the D. Monkey family members from the original comic minus Zappa D. Monkey the father.
By art
Who knew this dumb guy would be so popular?
By art
If Ton was a human girl.

Guest Art!

For Komiyan
As soon as I saw her I knew she was the best. Ms. Superbia from Widdershins
For Space Junk Arlia
A guest comic I did for the space opera that is known as Space Junk Arlia