About the Author

Keon is a man who lives to draw comics and has been doing so since the late 90s. He is a simple man with simple ideas.

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As well you can reach him by email at keon AT sackoforanges DOT com

Keon also does another comic called Sack of Oranges

About the Comic

Angry D. Monkey is the story of a monkey named Angry and his brother Ton (a frog) who have entered into a crazy tournament called Big Fight.

Originally all these characters were in another version of the story that I decided to end after 400 comics as I ran into a dead end and couldn't stand to do the story any longer. If you want to read it go check out Old ADM to see where this all came from.

But please know while some of the story elements and relationships will be featured in this new story this current version of Angry D. Monkey is a brand new adventure that has no relation to the original story.